Why It's a Good Idea to Practice Lacrosse Indoors During the Off Season

As a lacrosse coach, I’d love to see my players with a stick in their hands 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The exception is mealtime; some of my players are pretty sloppy eaters already. But I coach football and ice hockey too, and the math just does not work out to do every sport all the time. I am a true believer in the concept of the multi-sport athlete. Play football in the fall, play hockey in the winter, play lacrosse in the spring.

That said, I do not think you should completely stop skating when hockey season is over or stop lifting when football season is over. Just tone it down a little. The same goes for lacrosse. Keep playing soccer, football, basketball, hockey, skiing, wrestling, swimming, or whatever is in season. But playing a little wall ball or doing a one- or two-hour lacrosse clinic once a week is not going to hurt either.

I love when my players play other competitive sports out of season. They maintain or even improve their aerobic conditioning while continuing to develop their competitive edge in a different venue. My players get a lot more out of playing JV basketball or soccer than playing in a one-hour-a-week lacrosse house league — even if they call it elite.

Clinic Work Is Great for Your Kids Lacrosse Game

However, clinic work is another story. While clinic work isn’t as fun as a house league game, it is much better for your game. It gives players an opportunity to work on new skills as well as refine parts of their game that might need a little polish. One to two hours out of an 168-hour week shouldn’t be too big a distraction from schoolwork or their in-season responsibilities.

10 Year Celebration Sum It Up Lacrosse Summit NJ

Sum It Up’s indoor winter lacrosse clinics are a perfect venue for kids to learn or improve their lacrosse skills. They're offered for boys (K–6th) and girls (K–8th). The lacrosse clinics reinforce the basic skills of catching, throwing, cradling, ground ball pick-ups, dodging, shooting, and defensive stick work — all while having fun and building confidence in young players. Intermediate players work on more advanced skills such as becoming comfortable with the non-dominate hand, shooting techniques, and the basics of draw control.

Girls play with girls; boys with boys. Groups are usually divided by grade, and if appropriate, by skill level. Friends can request to play together. Register your son or daughter now for weekly one-hour clinics!
Clinics for Girls Clinics for Boys

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Kevin Meany


Kevin Meany is the head boys coach at Swax Lax Lacrosse. He was a goalie for Providence College, and when he’s not coaching for Swax Lax Lacrosse, he coaches varsity and middle school lacrosse at the Morristown-Beard School in Morristown, NJ. He's also a valuable contributor to the Swax Lax team.


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“I can honestly say the coaches are what make this program wonderful. They truly share Laura’s (Gump) vision. It is just wonderful and we look forward to many more years of Sum it Up to come.”

-Diana M. (Summit, NJ)

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